Posted by: arizonad | May 13, 2007

Then and Now

For my first graphics-related post I decided to show the progress of my pixel doll skills.


Base by the sadly defunct Free Project.

My second pixel doll, made about mid-2004. (My first doll was so bad, I sent it to the recycle bin.) Scary, huh. The dress was supposed to be based on one of Mulan’s; the resemblance stinks.

Fortunately, I’ve improved.


Base by Les Poupées Numerique. Last modified March 9, 2005.

I had been playing too much Yu-Gi-Oh, Duelist of the Rose on PS2 at the time and got the urge the make floating anime women. She didn’t end up floating, but she works as a doll. Marked improvement from above.


Base by Elvish Rose. Last modified February 13, 2006.

Just a little Greek-based number. It took me three tries to get the folds right. It’s hard to see the improvement over the above doll, but I certainly got bolder with the folds on here.


Base by Wayuki’s Place. Last modified January 29, 2007.

My first completed doll of 2007 and my best so far this year, too. She was intended into be a pirate, but she turned into the Belle of the Marina. I imagine that the weedy bouquet came from a kid at the bait shop who has a crush on her.

I hope you like this little retrospective. I’ll post some more of my work later. Don’t forget to read my rules before you adopt. Thanks.

AZ Dawn


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