Posted by: arizonad | May 15, 2007

By Popular Demand (sort of)

I was specifically asked if two of these dolls were adoptable and for the other I was sort of asked. At the times, I didn’t have a web presence but the the doll forum I was on. So they had to wait until I got a site of some kind. Now that I have a blog, their wait is over!

This first one was inspired by the SSX games, or rather, by my habit of slamming into obstacles when I play them.


Base by Elvish Pyrate Rose. Last modified October 20, 2005.

I know, he should be a snowboarder, but I couldn’t draw the board.

My alien monk was the sort of asked for doll, assuming “May I take him? Please?” was a request for adoption. He was inspired by Alice Meynell’s poem Christ in the Universe and those sci-fi reptilian aliens.


Base by Sweet and Sassy. Last modified February 28, 2006.

Man, reptiles get a bad rap in sci-fi! This guy just wants do good deeds and sleep in the sun afterwards.

Finally, here is the Tea Goblin.


Base by Real Fantasy. Last modified November 21, 2006.

I got the idea from Seventh Sanctum’s Humorous Monster Generator. Yes, I like my tea straight and strong, too.

AZ Dawn

Last edited May 20, 2010.



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