Posted by: arizonad | May 29, 2007

Pretty Girls

Okay, so one’s more cute than pretty, but what the heck. First, the cute one:


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified April 26, 2007.

The dress is based on the Arizona state flag. Technically the belt buckle should be star-shaped, but other that, it’s a pretty accurate likeness.

Now for the pretty girl. I was getting a bit tired of all those albino villains in the media and decide to make a goodhearted albino. Then I thought, why not a princess?


Base by Guinevere’s Pixels. Last modified May 15, 2007.

Not exactly a sword-wielding warrior, but she could be the brains behind the operation, or simply a dispenser of charity and mercy. Since albinos often have poor eyesight my sister suggested the glasses on a stick (lorgnette; the near-sighted upper class used to wear them).

Some of you might ask why her eyes are blue and not red. Simply put, red is not the most common eye color in albinos; blue and gray are. Plus the eyes on the base were already blue. However, for those of you thinking I want the classic red eyes or I like gray eyes better than blue, not to worry. I tried all three colors and couldn’t decide which one looked the best. And here’s the eye variants:

albinia2.gif albinia3.gif

Same base and modification date as above.

AZ Dawn

Edited September 29, 2016.


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