Posted by: arizonad | June 18, 2007

Summer Girl

I know I seem to be posting a lot of my older dolls here. I’ll probably post more until I’ve got most of the good ones up. Today, though, I’m posting my most recent doll: a girl in a cute summery dress.


Base by Xandorra. Last modified June 15, 2007.

For those of you who saw my last post, the eyes show my hazel eye palette in action (the original eye color was blue). I had the dresses me and my sisters wore as little girls in the back of my mind when I designed this.

I guess I better let you get back to your normal life now. Forgive me for sorry closing line, but I’ve always been bad at endings.

AZ Dawn



  1. Hi! Saw your announcement on the TG forum, but i thought I’d reply here, since I hate seeing blogs without comments. 🙂

    I also started with a blog, rather than a website, to display the dolls. I like your one, nice and tidy categories. Your palettes are great, and I’d like to play around with them next time I’m brave enough to try pixel shading.

    I bow to the GIMP-users!

  2. Thanks, Viva. Glad you enjoyed your visit. Have fun with the palettes!

    AZ Dawn

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