Posted by: arizonad | June 28, 2007

Aye, He’s Evil!

Historical pirates are facinating. Cheesy Hollywood pirates are fun. But let’s face it, pirates are scum. They are, at best, thieves, and aren’t above using violence. All seems to be forgiven, however, if a pirate is portrayed by a “hot” actor. Go figure.

This pirate was inspired by a more rational attitude.


Base by Wayuki’s Place. Last modified June 25, 2007.

Very cheesy! I added the cross to give him a hypocritical touch.

I’ve entered him in a pirate contest at Zirolia Dolls (great site; check it out). He’s not up yet, but give the webmistress time. The contest deadline is July 1, 2007, if you make pixel dolls and feel inclined to enter.

AZ Dawn

Edited July 12, 2007: Voting’s done on the contest and I didn’t win. Rats. Ah, well, maybe I’ll do better next time. Congradulations to the winners!



  1. Hey, thanks for the advertising 😀
    The contest is voting now btw 😉

  2. You’re welcome, Zirolia.

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