Posted by: arizonad | July 4, 2007

Some Remakes

First of all, I’d like to wish my fellow Americans a Happy 4th of July. To  my non-American visitors, I hope you have a happy day, too.

If you do pixel dolls long enough, you’ll eventually look back at your older dolls and tell yourself, “That was a great idea, but my gosh, the doll stank!” When that happens you have two choices: let the idea die or remake the doll. Here are my remakes of my older dolls. The remake is on the left and the original’s on the right, unless otherwise specified.

When I made the original of this doll I had been hearing a lot about the asteroid Sedna. I also heard about the Inuit goddess who Sedna was named after; not a happy tale.

resedna.gif          sedna.gif

Left: Base by Box of Pixels. Last modified August 22, 2005. Right: Base by Les Poupées Numerique. Last modified October 17, 2004.

The original wasn’t too bad, considering my skills at the time, and the poor color quality of my then-current monitor. The choice of base, though, made her look less like a goddess and more like a Madame Alexander doll.

I can’t show the original of this doll; it was made on a base that later got involved in a copyright scandal. Suffice it to say that the original was 10x cheesier-looking, and not a good cheesy.

akamubg.gif      akamu.gif

Base by Wayuki’s Place. Left: Last modified April 29, 2006. Right: Last modified March 10, 2006.

This doll was inspired by both a dissatisfaction with the illustrations in an RPG manual and a little blurb I read on ancient Polynesian culture in a fantasy writing book.

The original of this doll was a contest entry. The theme: sword dancers. I didn’t win, place, or show, but I got a Most Inspired award, probably because I did a Far Eastern sword dancer instead of the usual Middle Eastern one. If only I could’ve entered something of the remake’s quality!

chiyoko.gif      kumiko2.gif

Left: Base by Star’s Pixel Dust. Last modified May 26, 2006. Right: Base by Xandorra.  Last modified December 10, 2004.

The Award from the sadly gone Ice Shadow Dolls:


More dynamic, better shading, more richness of color. As far as the original goes, well, it was a great concept.

The final dolls were based on someone I made in Soul Calibur III’s Character Creation mode (hours of fun 🙂 ). They’re both of about equal quality.  The chief reason for the remake was to add more details. (Let’s see you try to draw a beard on a prep-sized base!)

akano-re.gif        akinori.gif

Left: Base by Wayuki’s Place. Last modified July 16, 2006. Right: Base by Xandorra. Last modified: January 15, 2006.

Without facial hair, the original looks like a Killik wanna-be. Any resemblance of the remake to Chuck Norris or Jesus is purely coincidental. As a side note, neither doll looks exactly like the guy on my memory card. Perhaps at a later date, I’ll put his formula up for those who have Soul Calibur III and want to see what he really looks like.

AZ Dawn



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