Posted by: arizonad | July 11, 2007

Formula for the SCIII Doll

Remember the dolls at the end of the Some Remakes post? I said that I’d probably post his formula for those who have Soul Calibur III and want to see what he really looked like. Well, here it is!


  • Job: Saint
  • Head: Headband  26,19
  • Hair: Long Straight  11,01
  • Chin: Warrior’s Beard  11,01
  • Mid Torso: Warrior’s Robe  24,19
  • Arms: Bandit’s Braces  07,02
  • Waist: Dougi-Obi  23,20
  • Upper Legs: Slacks  04,06
  • Socks: Cloth  (color doesn’t matter; I put them on to make sure he was a good guy)
  • Feet: Cloth Shoes  06,27
  • Face: 06
  • Eyebrows: 11,03
  • Eyes: 16,21
  • Voice: Man
  • Lips, Skin, and Underwear colors are the default for the template

AZ Dawn



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