Posted by: arizonad | July 19, 2007

Christmas in July

Considerably early (and clichéd 😉 ), but I was at a loss for which of my older pixel works to post. Then the hot Southern Arizona weather made me long for temperatures under 85 F, and I thought, Hey Dawn, post your Christmas stuff! No, it won’t make us feel cooler, but I get my ideas where I can. 🙂

This first one’s a simple little pixel work I made for a forum signature. It’s a bit old, but still pretty good.


Last modified December 10, 2004.

Okay, it’s an Advent wreath, but that’s not that far away from Christmas. When I said this was simple, I meant it in more ways that one. The candles are 3 lines shaded like a cylinder and the flames are almost teardrop-shaped. As for the wreath proper, I made a thick pencil line for the underlying shape and shaded it with the Airbrush set to Dissolve. (Of course, I had to adjust it with the pencil tool and erase on 1 pixel. Details, details.)

Next is a tiny angel doll:


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified December 4, 2005.

Where’s the wings, you ask? Well, I figured that either the wings would overwhelm the doll or the doll would overwhelm the wings. I made the little cutie as part of a forum signature. The result was another Advent wreath:


Same base and modification date as above.

This next doll was actually made last summer. No, not in July, but in August. The Gathering had a challenge to make a doll based on a song with a person’s name in the title, so I went looking for public domain songs that I knew the lyrics to. In amongst the love songs and such I found “Jolly Old St. Nicolas”. I thought, I can’t enter this one; it’s too easy, and I don’t need the lyrics to know how to draw him. I wouldn’t feel honest. But I knew of a great base to use for him, so I made him just for the heck of it.


Base by Av Squad. Last modified August 14, 2006.

That’s all I have for right now. Keep cool and hydrated everyone! (Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere; then keep warm and hydrated!)

AZ Dawn

Edited March 25, 2008 to update link.


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