Posted by: arizonad | July 31, 2007

Some Self Portrait Dolls

The dolls in this post are for adoption only! Do not use in avatars, signatures, or layouts. Please read the rules on my content for more details. Thank you.

These doll were made for The Gathering’s Dress Up Ball challenges. Basically, we had to do a self portrait doll based on the theme of the month. These aren’t all of my entries by a long shot, but some are in bad read of a remake and a few of them deserve separate posts. I never won any of the Dress Up Balls, but boy, they were fun!

Disclaimer: I do not look this good in real life. I’m certainly not as slender as some of those basebodies. The only accurate features are the medium-dark curly hair, the need for corrective eyewear, maybe the eye and hair colors (darn palettes), and maybe the skintone.

This theme was warriors. I knew almost everyone else would be making pseudo-medieval-type dolls, so I felt the need to do something different. That, and I’d spent too much time watching my brother play Soul Calibur II.


Base by Guinevere’s Pixels. Last modified July 21, 2005.

I tried to draw the weapon as if I were holding it, but it looked like I was stabbing myself in the head.  So let’s just pretend it’s leaning against my wrist, okay? 😉

This Dress Up theme was a gothic masquerade ball. As you can see, I don’t quite understand goth.


Base also by Guinevere’s Pixels. Last modified October 26, 2005.

This is probably the truest-to-body-type base I’ve used for a self-portrait; it’s still too wasp-waisted, though. My glasses are behind my mask.

This theme was a red carpet awards ceremony thing. I came holding the envelope. 🙂


Base by Xandorra. Last modified December 10, 2005.

Tacky, tacky, tacky, but the stars have worn much worse. The basic costume was based on a McCall’s pattern.

That’s all for now.

AZ Dawn


Last edited September 29, 2016.



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