Posted by: arizonad | August 8, 2007

Tolkien and Tecmo Meet My Brain!

Tolkienesque elves. Sooner or later, most of us try to doll one. I sure did, only I didn’t want to make nobility or royalty. Weirdo that I am, I wanted to make commoners. Things weren’t working for me in the design area until days of playing Monster Rancher 4 in 2005 gave me an idea: why not base the costumes on MR4 monsters!

Naturally, these dolls don’t look exactly like the monsters; the resemblance is mostly in the color scheme. Tolkien probably didn’t have these kind of clothes in mind when created Middle Earth, either. Still, I hope you find them nice to look at.

The first doll is based on a Garu, which is essential a red, black, and white lion that stands upright.


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified November 14, 2005.

Simple, but it works. Despite his girly look, this is indeed a male doll on a male base. Of course, Garus look so darn cuddly, maybe it’s just as well. 😉

This next doll is based on a Ramuna, a white dolphin-like critter with purple fin tips and a black belly. Very pretty. It has long purple fins trailing from the sides of its head, which I interpreted as braids. However, since Tolkienesque elves don’t have purple hair, I made the braids a more traditional color.


Base also by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified November 23, 2005.

Formal, yet still middle-class. I wish I could’ve added a fan (if you’ve played Monster Rancher 4, you’ll know why), but my skills weren’t cooperating with me that day.

Finally, this doll is based on a Fairy Hare, a pink rabbit with dark pink markings that look like it’s wearing a bikini. Tolkienesque elves don’t wear bikinis, so I have her romping around in old-fashion undies. 😉


Base by Precious Pixel KH again! Last modified June 15, 2006.

Cheeky elf!

AZ Dawn

Edited March 25, 2008 to update link.


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