Posted by: arizonad | August 17, 2007

Slightly Retro Doll (pixel pattern at the end)

Here’s a new doll for your viewing and adopting pleasure. As I was making this doll, I started thinking, This looks like something Jackie Kennedy would’ve worn. Well, maybe if the dress had sleeves, a longer hemline, and a more subdued color than mint green. Come to think of it, maybe the dress looks more like something those late ’50s-early ’60s Barbies would’ve worn.


Base by Xandorra. Last modified August 13, 2007.

I created the pattern on the skirt my self. It’s a bit subtle, but it works.

As promised in the title, here’s the pattern I made. As with all my palettes, you don’t have to give me a link or credit when you use it, but don’t place it on your site or claim it as yours. There’ll be a slight update to the rules to reflect this.



AZ Dawn

Last edited December 26, 2009.


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