Posted by: arizonad | September 7, 2007

Martial Arts Dolls

Here’s some of my older dolls with a martial artsy theme. If you wish to see more martial arts doll, I have two others at the end of This Post.

This first is a little something you might find on a Japanese print or in a feudal Japan-themed movie: a lady and her knight in kendo armor.


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified October 17, 2004.

Yep, that’s live steel he’s wielding, folks.

This next one is a more modern butt-kicker. When first saw this base it reminded me of the crane maneuver from The Karate Kid, so. . .


Base by Eleni Aranelwa. Last modified February 11, 2005.

The kanji on her T-shirt means ice. Why did I use it, you ask? Well, it was semi-easy to recreate and wasn’t obscene. 😉

I got a little mixed up with this next doll. At the time, the pose made me think of the bow before sparring in Japanese martial arts. However, I put her in a kung-fu-type uniform; Chinese arts use a hand salute before sparring. My bad.


Base by Guinevere’s Pixel. Last modified April 14, 2005.

These next two dolls were inspired by looking at my blackbelt sister’s copy of The Book of Five Rings. This gave the Tolkien fan and the cheesiness lover in me ideas. First, here’s Leginbor Greenbelt, the kung-fu elf.


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified April 20, 2005.

The designs on his wrist are supposed to be cheesy tiger brands.

And since he and his buddies need a nemesis, I made a Ninjorc.

Base by Mufflonen. Last modified May 6, 2005.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t uglify his face. To this day, I still have trouble making bases look ugly.

That’s all my old martial arts dolls (or at least the one fit to post here). I’ll have more old dolls of other types up soon.

AZ Dawn

Edited September 29, 2016.



  1. was looking for something a little more realistic for a 5 year old very athletic little black girl who is taking Karate lessons. Like a doll with short black hair and a karate outfit with a black belt

  2. Thanks for the comment, Joan. My apologies, but I don’t make request dolls. You might try another site or a doll forum and see if they’ll take requests. As for black martial artist dolls, it might happen in the future; I just have to have the right inspiration.

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