Posted by: arizonad | October 2, 2007

They Coulda Been Contenders!

You know how it is. You start out to make one type of doll (say, one of those frilly goths) and it somehow evolves into another (like a Disney-esque Princess). That’s fine; it just means that in the back of your mind you had a better idea. Of course, this can cause problems if the doll was for a contest and the finished product doesn’t fit the rules (try explaining the powder-blue dress and the cute, round-eyed animals to the one running the goth contest).

This first doll is a prime example. It was supposed to be a happy, smiling graduate for a School’s Out contest. Then I couldn’t draw the mortarboard, and the gathers on the robe went south as well. Unwilling to abandon the doll, I changed it into a choir boy.


Base by the late, lamented Kelley Erin’s Dollz. Last modified July 27, 2005.

I made the face and the speech balloon myself. The goofy expression is no accident.

Sometimes a doll looks like two different things at some point and you feel like you have to do both. This next doll started out as a contest entry, specifically the last doll in This Post. Right before I made the top sparkly I thought, This kind of looks like a biker babe. So I saved it in two files and fancied up the one doll as an Oscar host wannabe. Later, I opened the other file, changed base to one with a different hand position, and toughened her up.


Base by Xandorra. Last modified February 19, 2006.

Nothing fancy, but the face and accessories give her a lot of personality.

Next time you find your dolls straying from your original ideas, don’t sweat it, even if it’s for a contest. Contests come and go, but good ideas come and go faster. Just have fun with your dolls.

AZ Dawn

Updated November 17, 2009.


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