Posted by: arizonad | October 12, 2007

Halloween-ish Stuff

It’s creeping up on Halloween, so I’m putting up a few dolls that kind of fit the spirit. The first one was originally a mini-public service message. Poor Xandorra’s comments feature was trolled once, and people forgot to ignore the troll; so I whipped this little fellow up and posted him at The Gathering.


Base by Electro Candy Pop. Last modified May 8, 2005.

I drew the bones myself.

These next two dolls were for this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day/Halloween signature at The Gathering. I thought an anthropomorphic ship’s cat would fit the bill nicely. I ended up using the second, more elaborate one, but the simpler version’s not bad, either.


Base by Miniature Reality. Last modified August 29, 2007.


Last modified September 15, 2007.

What’s in the sack? Candy? Pieces of eight? Catnip? She’ll never tell! 😈

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

AZ Dawn

Last edited July 21, 2009


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