Posted by: arizonad | October 31, 2007

For All the Saints…

Today’s Halloween. That means tomorrow is All Saints Day. (Don’t forget to go to church for it, my fellow Catholics.) And yes, I do have a couple of saint dolls to post for the ocassion.

The first doll is of St. Mary of Egypt. I’ve linked to a five-scrolls story of her, but in a nutshell, she was an ex-prostitute who, after she repented, lived in the desert as penance (her idea; she wasn’t told to do that). Eventually, her clothes wore out completely, and she was dressed in nothing but her hair.


Base by Eleni Aranelwa. Last modified May 15, 2006.

One of my easier dolls; I only needed to do the hair and change the skintone.

This next doll is of St. Sebastien (I linked to a shorter story this time). It’s classic but grim theme in art. I’ll admit that this one disturb me, and I’m the one who made it! To be sure, it’s a lot less bloody than some dolls I’ve seen (I think some dollers desparately need therapy), and certainly not worse than the high side of PG, but I’ll just put the title up and you click that to see him.


Base by Real Fantasy. Last modified April 4, 2007.

My apologies; I don’t normally inflict people with my morbid side.

AZ Dawn

Edited January 4, 2009: Sorry about the wrong link to the St. Sebastian doll; I should’ve caught that in 2007. It’s fixed now.


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