Posted by: arizonad | November 5, 2007

New Doll Categories!

I’ve added some doll subcategories for your convenience. Now if you want to find a specific type of doll you can click on the appropriate subcategory.

Most of these subcategories should be self-explanatory, though some might require a bit of explaining:

  • Historical-ish Dolls is so called because it contains any doll in vaguely historical costume. This ranges from the truly accurate (if I can ever pull it off) to cheesy Hollywood history, with strongly resembling historical clothes somewhere in between.
  • Miscellaneous Dolls is how I categorize dolls that I’m unsure of what subcategory they belong in.
  • Normal Dolls are basically dolls dressed in real life clothes. This doesn’t mean they aren’t strange or quirky dolls; it just means that you might see something like them on the streets outside of a holiday.
  • Religion and Mythology Dolls subcategory was created because I won’t put angels or gods from actual pantheons in with the Fantasy Dolls. I figured the title should cover both my religion and mythology and others’.

Unfortunately, the subcategories didn’t line up neatly under the Doll category. Why? Beats me. I’ll fix that eventually if I can. I’ll also add other subcategories as needed.

AZ Dawn


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