Posted by: arizonad | November 28, 2007

Hair Studies

Portrait bases aren’t just for avatars; they come in handy for practicing your hair techniques, too. That’s the story behind the dolls in this post.

Last year, I was having problems making straight hair, of all things! Most people find it easier to do than curly hair, but not me. So I searched the Internet for pixel-shaded hair tutorials to see what pearls of wisdom I could harvest from them. After studying several tuts I made a portrait doll to put what I learned to use.


Base by Eleni Aranelwa. Last modified June 20, 2006.

Nice, but a little lackluster. I had treated the hair palette as I treat clothes palettes: like it had an outline color, 3 shades, a base color, and a highlight color. What worked for me with clothes did not work for hair.

It wasn’t a wasted effort, though. It showed me quite clearly why most of the hair tuts used 2 shade colors and 2 highlight colors. So I tried again, and the results were better.


Base same as above. Last modified June 22, 2006.

Now the hair’s really shiny. The moral of the story: if several tutorials have a similar idea, there’s a good reason for it. (Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment to see if something slightly different might work. 😉 )

This last portrait I did half on a whim. I wanted to see how what I learned would work with an unusual hair color.


Base by Elvish Pyrate Rose. Last modified June 23, 2006.

AZ Dawn

Last edited March 1, 2010.


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