Posted by: arizonad | December 4, 2007

Inspired by Real Life

Real life is a classic source of inspiration for artists; it’s right there in front of your face and readily available. That’s why there’s a lot of still lives, domestic scenes, and landscapes in old art. Obviously, my dolls can’t hold a candle to the old masters, but I, too, have gotten inspiration from real life. Below are two examples.

The first doll was for a forum challenge: your pet as a human. She’s based on my late Shetland Sheepdog Missy.


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified June 6, 2006.

She was a tricolor sheltie; the hair represents her black fur and and the skin-tone represents her white fur. I wish I could’ve given her Missy’s tan eyebrows, but they didn’t look good. The dress represents her purple collar and the surrounding white ruff (or rather her obscuring white ruff). The expression on her face seems a lot like Missy’s “you know you want to give me your food” look that worked on a couple of my relatives (but not me 😉 )

This next doll was inspired by me getting new carpeting for my bedroom. It’s not a self-portrait, though, and my real-life carpet is gray and a lot less fuzzy.


Base by Guinevere’s Pixels. Last modified August 5, 2006.

I can’t fully remember how I made the carpet, but I know part of the process involved the airbrush on Dissolve.

AZ Dawn

Last Updated September 29, 2016



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