Posted by: arizonad | December 13, 2007

Little Blue Dolls

I once had an idea for a tutorial: color schemes! Never be stuck for a color combo again! Later, reality kicked me in the butt and told me there’s tuts for that on the web for that already – and they’re better than anything I could write up. All well, at least I can post the dolls I made for it. So grab up a color wheel (here’s a nice one) and come along with little Mindy!

Mindy is wearing a sweet blue dress with matching shoes. The main color will remain the same, but the trim, sash, and rose will change according to the scheme used. The first is a monochrome color scheme, which means it’s different values of the same color.


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified July 4, 2006.

Lovely and easy on the eyes, don’t you think?

Next, Mindy wears an analogous color scheme. Basically, that’s 2 or more colors in a row on the color wheel. I could’ve used blue, blue-green, and green or blue, blue-violet, and violet. Instead, I decided to use blue-green, blue, and blue-violet (or as close as I could get with the palettes I had at the time).


Base same as above. Last modified July 4, 2006.

Still easy on the eyes, but with more color.

Now Mindy displays a complimentary scheme, where the accent color is on the opposite side of the color wheel. In the case of blue, it’s orange.


Same base as above. Last modified July 5, 2006.

Eye catching, yet harmonious.

And finally, here’s Mindy in a triadic color scheme, that is, 3 colors 4 spaces apart on the color wheel. It never hit me before I made this doll, but the primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – are their own triad!


 Last modified July 4, 2006. Guess where the base came from. 😉

Whoa, where’s the party, Mindy?

AZ Dawn

Edited March 25, 2008 to update links.


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