Posted by: arizonad | December 17, 2007

If You’re Pining for Christmas-y Patterns…

…I’ve got a couple of pine tree patterns here! 🙂

A sweet little grove:


And for those of you prefer a thicker forest:


Of course, these patterns can be used for more than just Christmas dolls. There’s Arbor Day dolls, elves, nature spirits, skiers – dolls on any subject that could use a pine motif. You can even use them simply because you like the pattern. 😉 Just follow the rules and enjoy yourself.

AZ Dawn

P.S. I added a new Patterns category, since I now have 3 posts with patterns in them.



  1. […] you’ll recall, I posted some nice pine-tree patterns in December. If you don’t, here’s the link to them. On Christmas, I needed to do something to keep from grazing at the goodies all day, so I opened […]

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