Posted by: arizonad | December 29, 2007

Christmas Cavalier (SC3 created character)

First of all, I hope you had a happy Christmas, whether you celebrated it or not. 🙂 Second, I hope you have a Happy New Year. 😉

Third, for no better reasons than a) I don’t know what else to post this week and b) it gives me an excuse to start a new category for Videogames, I present…

The Christmas Cavalier

  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Knight
  • Head: Musketeer Hat  23,02 & 02,19
  • Hair: Crew Cut  05,26
  • Chin: Edgemaster’s Beard  05,26
  • Mid Torso: Cotton Shirt  02,17
  • Arms: Dragon Gauntlets  16,23
  • Neck: Paladin’s Cape  16,26
  • Waist: Leather Belt  03,05
  • Lower Legs: Leggings 02,15
  • Upper Legs: Fighter’s Shorts  16,23
  • Feet: Enchanted Boots  36,26 & 36,24
  • Face: 03
  • Eyebrows: 05,26
  • Eyes: 25,08
  • Voice: Man
  • Lips, skin, underwear colors are default for the template.

I know he’s a bit late for Christmas, but perhaps he might give Strife a crappy New Year…

AZ Dawn

Last edited May 20, 2010.


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