Posted by: arizonad | January 24, 2008

Piny Fresh Dolls

Okay, so technically they were made last year, but Piny Older Dolls doesn’t flow so well as a title. 😉

If you’ll recall, I posted some nice pine-tree patterns in December. If you don’t, here’s the link to them. On Christmas, I needed to do something to keep from grazing at the goodies all day, so I opened up the Gimp and made a couple of dolls to try those patterns out for myself. (My personal preference is for smaller, closer-set patterns, but what the heck.) I finished them up in a few hours (not counting breaks for eating, sleeping, web surfing, TV, etc.). Lots people viewed them when I put them up at The Gathering, but no one left a comment. That could mean anything from they were so great everyone was left speechless to they were so bad no one had the heart to tell me. Since I can’t see any major flaws with them (then again, that could be my ego talking), I’ll post them and let the viewer decide.


Base by Electro Candy Pop. Last modified December 28, 2007.

I think for the pattern on the left works best for this particular doll. Still, the other pattern could work for a different doll…

AZ Dawn

Last edited July 21, 2009


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