Posted by: arizonad | February 12, 2008

Monochrome Fairy


I did her in all one color.

My little blue up and comer.

Come look at my fay in monochrome, OK? Oh yeah!

– Apologies to Paul Simon

I don’t make fairies very often. In fact, this is only my second one (the first was gosh-awful, and I won’t inflict her on you). I made this little charmer for a one-color challenge at The Gathering; I chose blue.


Base by Precious Pixels KH. Last modified January 24, 2008.

Yes, even her hair is blue! She wasn’t originally supposed to be a fairy, but her arms looked so bare, I had to do something.

The awards for the challenge aren’t up yet, but I’m sure I haven’t won. On the upside, at least I’m losing to better dollers. 😉

AZ Dawn

Update, February 16, 2008: The results are in, and no, I didn’t win. 😦 But I was right; I did lose to my betters.

Last edited May 20, 2010.



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