Posted by: arizonad | February 26, 2008

Tetsu, Pink Samurai CAS

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while; I haven’t had much of interest to say. Anyway, here’s the formula for a perky pink samurai I whipped up in SC3. Enjoy!


  • Gender: Female
  • Job: Samurai
  • Hair: High Short Pigtails  05,24 & 34,17
  • Lower Torso: Dancer’s Brassiere  default color
  • Mid Torso: Chinese Robe  34,17
  • Neck: Grand Choker  default color
  • Waist: Ribbon Belt  default color
  • Upper Legs: Prayer Pants  16,17 & 17,23
  • Socks: Knee Socks  default color
  • Feet: Leather Leggings  default color
  • Face: 02
  • Eyebrows: 05,25
  • Lips: 30,20
  • Eyes: 24,18
  • Voice: Girl 1
  • Skin and underwear colors are default for the template.

AZ Dawn


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