Posted by: arizonad | March 14, 2008

Remake and Contest Entry

In 2004, I made a nice little doll. She was pretty good for my skill level at the time, but compared to my skills now, she merely shows my good taste in costume design. 😉


Base by Xandorra. Last modified October 17, 2004.

See the pattern in the bust and hip areas? That’s why you need to separate the sleeves from the bodice and stagger the pattern.

I had an excuse to remake her recently. The webmistress of Cloud 9 Dolls added some palettes to her site and started a Palette Contest to go with them. I don’t normally get excited over palette contests, but the palettes looked nice and there were lots of them. So I figured I’d try them out, and if the results were good enough I’d enter the doll. Now it’s in the hands of the judges.


Base from Duckienya. Last modified March 11, 2008.

Not too shabby. Compare the bust and hip areas of this doll to the original to see the improvement in pattern use. She’s 100% pixel-shaded instead of about 95% pixel-shaded. I didn’t even use my use my usual technique of gaussian blurring the highlights.

AZ Dawn

P.S. Check out Cloud 9 Dolls. It’s a nice site with great dolls.

Update July 24, 2008: Sadly, the contest was cancelled. Darn! Oh well, at least there are a few more nice-looking dolls on the web because of the contest.

Last Edited February 11, 2011


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