Posted by: arizonad | March 22, 2008

The Easter Bunny Brings You CAS Formulae!

Happy Easter to my fellow Christian visitors, and to those of my visitors who don’t celebrate Easter, I hope you’ll be happy at this time, too.

Now let’s see what our long-eared friend has brought for the Soul Calibur III fans.

Here’s a couple of colorful characters that have no names. That means if you want to use them in Chronicles of the Sword you can name them whatever you want (as if giving them names could’ve stopped from naming them Bob if you wanted to 😉 ). If they look a bit like over the top anime escapees, it’s because they’re based on results from Seventh Sanctum’s Magical Girl and Magical Knight generators. Those bright colors sure make up for Easter eggs, though! 🙂

Purple Ninja

  • Gender: Female
  • Job: Ninja
  • Head: Monk’s Hood  31,25
  • Hair: Straight Short  16,22
  • Chin: Spy Mask  01,27
  • Mid Torso: Battle Robe  31,19
  • Waist: Sorcerer’s Belt  01,27
  • Upper Legs: Baggy Pants  31,19
  • Socks: Knee Socks  11,13
  • Feet: Kung Fu Shoes 25,01
  • Face: 03
  • Eyebrows: 16,22
  • Eyes: 09,20
  • Lips, skin, underwear colors are default for the template.


Red and Purple Sorcerer

  • Gender: Male
  • Job: Sage
  • Hair: Ponytail  01,01 & 32,22
  • Lower Torso: Tattoo  default (it’s just there to boost his goodness)
  • Mid Torso: Demonic Garb  02,17
  • Arms: Traveler’s Gauntlets  32,26
  • Waist: Duel Belt  32,26
  • Lower Legs: Leggings  35,23
  • Socks: Tabi  11,13
  • Feet: Boots  32,27
  • Face: 07
  • Eyebrows: 01,01
  • Eyes: 05,26
  • Voice: Young Man 2
  • Lips, skin, underwear colors are default for the template.


AZ Dawn

Edited July 10, 2009: spelling and smilie change.

Edited September 9, 2009: grammar.


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