Posted by: arizonad | May 18, 2008

A Late Anniversary Post

May 9 was the 1st Anniversary of The Brainchildren. I’d like to thank for their free service, without which this blog wouldn’t exist. I’d like to thank the helpful posters at the WordPress forum, too, for helping me through some of the tech problems I had. I’d also like to thank my visitors this past year and hope they’ve had an enjoyable experience.

What’s in store for my next year of blogging? There’ll be more pixel and doll things for sure. I’m also working on a project that would be of great use to writers and role players (this is a general purpose blog, after all 😉 ). I hope expand the Links page to include other subject, and maybe I’ll add something to the Videogames category that doesn’t involve Soul Calibur. 🙂 Other than that, we shall see…

AZ Dawn



  1. happy blog anniversary 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sulz

  3. […] Now, what’s this project that they used to be for? Wait and see!  […]

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