Posted by: arizonad | July 31, 2008

Sprites Ahoy!

Good grief, it’s been a while since I’ve posted! Part of the reason is that I was working on pirate-themed sprites to decorate a project. Then I realized decorating the project would require dozens of sprites, and my eyesight and patience couldn’t handle it. Plus, it would delay the project itself, which I’d like to get online before the year’s out, so I dropped the decorating idea. Still, I got several nice sprites out of it.

All bases in this post by Elvish Pyrate Rose.

First, a tiny pirate gunner.

Last modified May 21, 2008.

Pretty simple, huh. Not bad, though. I’m especially happy with the details on the sponge-on-a-stick (it’s for cleaning out the cannon, by the way).

Here’s one of the guys who do the grunt work on board ship. Here, he’s going to swab the deck. Not exactly a glamorous job, but highly necessary.

Last modified May 23, 2008.

I made the mop the same way I do wavy hair: squiggly lines over a colored shape.

This next one was meant to be a pirate, but he could just as easily be a Royal Navy captain. Pirate or nemesis. Either way, it’s pirate themed.

Last modified May 26, 2008.

One of my more detailed sprites. How’d I get the ruffles to look so good? Heck if I know.

Finally, here’s a pirate on the warpath. Give him your treasure or he’ll cut off your toes!

Last modified June 20, 2008.

What can I say but nice cutlass.

Now, what’s this project that they used to be for? Wait and see! 😉

AZ Dawn

Edited May 21, 2010.



  1. […] This little guy was supposed to be one of my pirate-themed sprites I mentioned in my last post. He was going to be a fisherman. (Yes, they’re pirate-themed; stolen fishing boats make […]

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