Posted by: arizonad | August 21, 2008

Extra Sprite

This little guy was supposed to be one of my pirate-themed sprites I mentioned in my last post. He was going to be a fisherman. (Yes, they’re pirate-themed; stolen fishing boats make great starter ships! 😉 ) Unfortunately, when I tried to draw the fishing net, it looked like a pair of wings. Without a net you’d be hard pressed to recognize him as a fisherman. He doesn’t look much like any kind of sailor man. However, he works just fine as a sprite.

Base by Elvish Pyrate Rose. Last modified June 9, 2008.

I still think he looks historical-ish, though whether he’s still in the Golden Age of Cheesy Hollywood Piracy or not is anyone’s guess.

AZ Dawn

Edited March 1, 2010.


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