Posted by: arizonad | September 4, 2008


One morning last week I was in that half-asleep state where you know you’re dreaming, but barely. Somebody threw a kick in my dream and I kicked the wall in real life. >.< I went to urgent care yesterday and found out nothing was broken, but I have to keep my foot elevated. That means my computer time is severely limited; the computer desk is not a good place to elevate a foot. I don’t know how long it’ll take for my foot to recover, so my next update could take a while. Yes I know I’m not exactly into daily posting, but since this time I have a more definite reason than “nothing to say” I thought I’d let you know why there’s a delay in the updates.

Don’t feel too sorry for me, though; I’ve got things I can do offline while I nurse my foot back to health.  

AZ Dawn

Last edited May 21, 2010



  1. ahaha…nice one!
    though i reckon i’ve topped that:
    was playing footy, swung my leg back to deliver an epic kick when the dog rockets in from nowhere and replaces the ball with her head WHAM!
    teeth marks in my foot and a pitifully yelping german shepherd
    poor dog, though she’s alright
    poor foot..canes like hell
    nothing broke, but a gorgeous bruise and a strained tendon
    speedy recovery, mate 😀

  2. aiyaiyai
    ain’t the internet something weird?

    one moment considering the possibility of contemplating the thought of thinking about trying to start attempting to do homework..
    the next, commenting on a random blog from someone from the other side of the world

    g’day from australia AZ

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