Posted by: arizonad | December 30, 2008

A Couple of Oldies

First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! I wish I had some new dolls to start off a new year, but sadly, I’ve been in an artistic slump. (I’m still trying, though!) However, I have a couple of older, fairly decent dolls for your viewing/adopting pleasure. They’re not from this year, but you might like them anyway.

This first doll was made in 2006. I was influenced by some of the dresses that Bobby Burgess’ partners wore on the Lawrence Welk Show. I don’t believe anyone commented when I posted her at the Gathering; people were probably too stunned by the other, badly-designed doll sharing the post with her (never fear, I won’t show you that atrocity without a remake).

Base by Xandorra. Last modified July 15, 2006.

Not too bad for a 2006 doll. This is the only time I put blush on a face that small. For some reason, this dress made the base look chubby, but what the heck.

Ash the Bear was an experiment from 2007. I had seen a tutorial for shading dresses with the airbrush tool and wondered if it might come in handy for some of the larger bases I’ve collected. Anyone who’s tried to pixel shade a large doll should understand. Instead of doing a dress, though, I tried it with a shirt and trousers.

Base by the now-gone Judokai’s Beach. Last modified November 22, 2007.

The tut more or less worked, though my attempt to pixel shade the eyes, nose, and inner ears turned out so-so (these were blank on the original base). Not too shabby on the pixeled knife, though. So where I get the idea for an athropomorphic bear with a weapon? From Seventh Sanctum’s Mascot Generator: Ash the bear – the compassionate, gray-colored swashbuckler.

I hope I can be more productive soon. In the meantime, be good, folks! 😉

AZ Dawn

Updated November 17, 2009.



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