Posted by: arizonad | February 9, 2009

Rules Tweak

Just made a few changes to the rules, mostly to clarify a few things and close a loophole or two. The first prominent change on the list is blunt, but necessary:

None of my content is to be used for commercial purposes. This is non-negotiable for the pixel dolls.

This is not an arbitrary rule. The nature of pixel dolls is that you make them with another graphic (the base) and according to the basemaker’s rules. One of those rules is not to use their bases for commercial purposes. Using my other content for profit without my express permission violates my copyright; using my pixel dolls for profit violates mine and someone else’s copyright.

The next change refers to what you can do with my graphics besides putting them on an adoption page:

You may use my graphics as avatars, signatures, or in layouts unless otherwise noted and as long as you obey my other terms.

Pretty simple, huh. While all the rules are to our mutual benefit, this one’s obviously so.

The next change is to my As Is rule. I add a few more nos to the second sentence for clarity and emphasis, but the big change is the bolded sentence:

My graphics are to be displayed as is. No resizing, no recoloring, no using them to make other graphics, etc. Removing my copyright info is especially forbidden! If you use my graphics in your layout you must remove my graphics before you redistribute that layout.

What this means is that you may, for example, put my space scene at the top of your webpage for decoration or use my sprite-sized dolls as bullet points, but if you want to make the layout available to the general public you must remove them from the layout first. Your work is for you to redistribute; my work is for me to redistribute.

On a lighter note, I finally capitalized the P in WordPress. That oughta make my blog host happy! 🙂

 Well, that’s it for the changes. And keep in mind the very last rule: When in doubt, ask! You may or may not like the answer, but at least I won’t likely bite your head off. 😉

AZ Dawn


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