Posted by: arizonad | April 1, 2009

We Need Moar Happy Kittehs!

About a month ago I read about a couple of cat abuse cases. I’m not a big fan of cats, but man! I was sad and angry, so I made Spicecake the Happy Catgirl to cheer me up. I hope she makes you happy, too. 🙂

Base by Miniature Reality. Last modified March 21, 2009.

I did an experiment with the shading, too. Usually, I take a six-color palette and use the 5th color as the base color, leaving me an outline color, three shadow colors, and a highlight color. This time I used the 4th color as the base color; that gave me two shadow and two highlight colors. It looks a bit better on the skinny jeans than on the wide shirt, though.

AZ Dawn


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