Posted by: arizonad | April 27, 2009

Attention: GeoCities to Shut Down

I heard this morning over at The Gathering that Yahoo is shutting down GeoCities, and it turns out it’s true. Not that I’m weeping for Yahoo. For one thing, they’re launching their own brand-named paid web hosting service. For another thing, their terms of service are copyright-unfriendly. What I and other dollers are unhappy about is the potential loss of old dolls and bases.

For example, Ice Shadow Dolls and Kelley Erin’s Dollz are great sites. I love their dolls and bases, and their tutorials have been a big help to me. But they haven’t updated in over 3 years. The gals who run those sites might not know they’re going to be deleted later this year. And that’s sad!

What can you do? If you have a GeoCities site, you’ll definitely need to look for a new host. If you’re a doller, now’s a good time to download those bases you’ve been thinking about off the GeoCities sites. Remember, you still have to follow their rules even after their sites get deleted, so keep records. If there’s any information you need from a Geocities in general, take notes and print out hard copies for future reference.

Do not put anything from any site on your own site/blog/etc. beyond what’s allowed in the terms of service!For dollers, that means that you can put a few (but not all) of their dolls on an adoption page, but you can’t post their unclothed bases on your site.

I hope this information has been of use to you.

AZ Dawn

P.S. On a lighter note, if you want to search out GeoCities dollsites before they’re gone, you can start with my Pixel and Doll Links and link hop like crazy. 🙂

ETA: Daenerys at TG, who first broken the news to the forum, has generously created a list of GeoCities dollsites for your convenience. Thanks, Daenerys!

Last edited May 21, 2010


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