Posted by: arizonad | May 26, 2009

Bad Kitty! No Catnip for You!

There’s an interesting story behind this doll. One evening last month, I was surfing the internet minding my own business when I was suddenly cut off from the web. No biggie, right? Just wait a few hours and internet access’ll be back. So I looked at the time and thought, I have a few hours before supper; maybe I’ll work on a doll for that feathers challenge over at the Gathering. Entries are due tomorrow and surely I’ll be able to post it then.

Base from Wayuki’s Place. Last modified April 5, 2009.

It’s a bit minimalistic, but cute nonetheless. Next time I make a feather I need to clean it up better, but for now, I’ll just say it looks funky because the parrot fought back. 😉

Unfortunately, I never got to enter the challenge. It turns out my dad had cut the wire for our internet access while trimming the bushes. Ah well, there’ll be others.

AZ Dawn



  1. Hello!
    Well I’m always visiting your blog, and I wanna tell you it’s just beautiful.

    I used to have this website called new dollz on the block and then i changed the name who-knows-how-many times… And last year it was Polin Lin studio… But my server died. Yes. Dunno how happen. Since then I’m always coming back to my fav sites (like this one) but I still can’t find the nerve to make myself a new site…

    Well, actually… I’d like to ask you something… If you ever for some odd reason save any bases of mine, would you send them to me? Please, I know I wasn’t a famous doller at all, but I still have the hope that someone could save my bases… I can’t believe I lost them all.

    I hope you keep on dolling.
    Love ur work!!


  2. Thanks, Polin! Glad you enjoy your visits. Don’t worry, I won’t stop dolling anytime soon. I’m just going through a slow spell.

    Yes, I do have a few sets of your bases. Do you still have access to your account at the Gathering? I can PM the bases to you if you don’t want to put up your e-mail address.

    Good luck with your dolling, too! If you do get a new site, let me know and I’ll update my links.

  3. Well i just made myself a new account… I’ll contact you there…. thanks… you’ve saved my pixel life hahaha… THANK U LOTS!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s me again… I guess you’re tired of me haha… Well I tried to contact you though tg, but I don’t know what happen, yesterday I couldn’t write Pm’s… And today I can’t even log in!!! I dunno why… I’ll try to email the staff… =(

    here’s my email, so if you have a lil of time maybe u can send me the base sets you have?? =3

    I’ll send you my latest base too, ok? I don’t like it too much… But well… I need more practice… you know it’s been ages since the last time I drew something… hehehe..

    Hugs and a million of “than you’s”


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