Posted by: arizonad | July 13, 2009

Major Housekeeping Update

I had to do some major updating on the Brainchildren. got some new smilies for the hosted blogs and boy, are they bad! The smiley with the big cheesy grin has been replaced with something that’s smiling uncomfortably. Just as bad, the twisted smiley (which I used to mean “I’m being ‘sadistic’ “) is now indistinguishable from the evil (“You’re evil!”) smiley. And those aren’t only ones that are a problem I had to go through all the posts and replace or delete the worst of the smilies. Too be sure, the new : ) is too subtle for my tastes, but at least it doesn’t look strained: 🙂 :mrgreen:

I’ve also cleaned up the Pixel and Doll Links page. Sadly, I had to put Xandorra’s Place down as missing. 😦 On a lighter note, I’ve separated the Geocities dollsites from the rest for the convenience of those of you who are looking for their dolls and bases before Geocities goes kaput.

AZ Dawn

Update: Xandorra’s homepage is down, but the rest of the site is still accessable. Go to the Links Page for the URL.

Last edited December 26, 2009


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