Posted by: arizonad | July 16, 2009

Geocites Closure Date

I’m way late in finding this out, but in case you haven’t heard yet, Geocities will be closing on October 29, 2009. Thay’s how long we have to save what we want off of Geocities sites. Remember, though, you still need to abide by the webmaster’s/doller’s/basemaker’s rules even after their sites are gone.

If you have a Geocities site you might want to get a new webhost before then. Or if you  don’t want to maintain your site anywhere anymore, please consider letting the Internet Archive* add it to their special Geocities collection for future generations to access; that would be very kind of you 😉

* The Internet Archive is the site with the WaybackMachine, in case you didn’t know. Very handy tool for finding info from dead sites.

AZ Dawn



  1. […] added more Geocities doll sites to the Pixel and Doll Links. Just remember to visit them before the 29th, […]

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