Posted by: arizonad | July 21, 2009

Another Update to the Links Page

Got some much happier news than my last housekeeping post: a site in the Missing or Defunct Sites section of the Pixel and Doll Links is back. Polin Lin Studio has returned as Electro Candy Pop. Check it out; it’s still a very good site. 🙂

If you go to her Links & Credits you’ll notice Polin is using one of my sprite-sized dolls as a link banner. I’m not mentioning it because I’m vain (though I am very flattered; thanks Polin!), but because it’s a good example of this rule:

You may use my graphics as avatars, signatures, or in layouts unless otherwise noted and as long as you obey my other terms. For example, you can use one of my dolls as a webpage header, but you cannot use it to make a webpage header.

As you can see she’s made no changes to the doll and has linked back. There are no special restriction on the doll, so using it as a link banner is fine by me. Of course, I’m not saying there’s someone out there breaking my rules; I don’t actively search for rules infractions and I’ve never stumbled upon any, either. I’m just pointing out a working example of the above rule for those who need a little more explanation.

AZ Dawn



  1. Awww… It’s so sweet from you to talk about my comeback hehehehe…

    Thanks a lot for everything, you helped me a lot sending me my lost bases =)

    Oh and about the rules, of course! I’m a good girl! HEHEHEHEHEHEH.

    A big hug!!

  2. Yesterday I wrote a comment and dunno where it went (??) Well, I just wanted to THNK YOU, it’s s0 sweet from you to talk about my new siteee (I’m happyhappyhappy) And thanks again for helping me to recover my bases (^_________^)

    See ya !!!

  3. You’re welcome, Polin. 🙂

    Sorry about the comments not showing up. For some reason I can’t figure out, the spam blocker put your comments on the moderation list and I had to manually approve them. Hopefully that won’t happen again.

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