Posted by: arizonad | October 2, 2009

Coming Soon: the Adopted Graphics Showcase

I love looking at the Adoption pages on regular websites; they’re like link pages with previews of what the doller can do. Sometimes they have dolls from long-gone site, making them an unintentional pixel doll history archive as well. For some time I’ve been wondering how to have an adoption section on my blog, and now I’ve got it figured out.

I’ve decided to start an Adopted Graphics Showcase; part adoptions page, part site-of-the-moment feature. It’ll be in its own separate category to avoid any mix-up with my own stuff. Each AGS posts will have 2-10 dolls/pixels/graphics in it (though more likely closer to 5) with explanations of why I adopted them. There’s no set time for me to post them, though if I can, I’ll see if I can get in a few Geocities dollers I haven’t yet link to on my site before they go under. 😉

Stay tuned, folks!

AZ Dawn


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