Posted by: arizonad | March 8, 2010

Watch Your Step; Tiny Dolls Ahead

In early January we got a new computer with Windows 7. My poor pink-a-holic sister was disappointed that the pinkest user pic they had was an ordinary flower. I decided to whip her up a quick little cutie for her user pic. Sadly, it didn’t fit in the little square and was severely cropped.  Still, it’s no biggie. At least it gave me a reason to doll. I also made a few variations.

All bases from Precious Pixels KH.

Here’s the original:

Last modified January 14, 2010.

Cute, huh? Unfortunately, the crown didn’t turn out as shiny as I hoped, or at least not on my laptop screen. It looks shinier on other monitors, but at the time I didn’t know, so I removed the crown:

Last modified January 15, 2010.

Still cute. I had to admit, though, that this particular pink’s a bit hard to distinguish from this skintone, so I switched it with the trim color and vice versa:

Last modified January 15, 2010.

Definitely not blending in with the skin. I removed the neck trim from the dress because it didn’t look right in this color scheme.

Then just because I thought it would look good, I changed the dress from blue-green to white:

Last modified January 15, 2010.

Not bad, though it would be a bear to see on a light or white background. 😉

I don’t know when I’ll have more dolls up. These were the last ones I worked before my leg broke and sitting in the best position for dolling puts a strain on my bad leg after a while. In the meantime, be good.

AZ Dawn

Last edited May 21, 2010


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