Posted by: arizonad | May 28, 2010

Little Reptilian Girl

You know those conspiracy theorists? The ones that think shapeshifting reptilian aliens are taking over the world?  I was inspired (and a bit irritated) by one of them a while back. There’s three things I could do when faced with that kind of tinfoil habadashery: a) stew in silence, b) call them out and start a nice flamewar, or c) make a cute little doll.

Base from Wayuki’s Place. Last Modified May 10, 2010.

How could someone hate such a sweet little kid?  Think of the hatchlings, you endothermic chauvinists! Besides, there’s no proof the reptilian exist, let alone taking over.

But enough of the mini-rant. Now about the doll.

Apart from the inspiration, she a bit of a “Dawn, do something!” doll after my leg got better. Her clothes were inspired by several Simplicity girls patterns so she could be identified as a little girl; I added the detached sleeves as a sci-fi touch. The shoes are a bit off, but I’ve made worse.

AZ Dawn


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