Posted by: arizonad | March 1, 2011

Sometimes You Just Like a Basic Design

When I saw the Dark Rose Maiden costume in a Party City ad some years back, I thought about dolling it. Of course, I modified the design; I rarely try to make an exact replica of an inspiration, and when I do try, it never works. For instance, I was working with a much smaller picture that the one I linked to, so I couldn’t see the little details, like the skirt pattern or that the “sleeves” were actually a really short cape.  Also, when I drew the outlines I thought, Wow that’s a kind of princessy design; I’ll doll it in bright colors! The results:

Base from Guinevere’s Pixels. Last modified January 11, 2005.

Not bad considering what my skills were like back then.

I really liked the basic design of the bodice and tried it several time on other dolls on other bases. In January, I got the urge to do that design again for an elf doll. Coincidentally, I did the finishing touches 6 years and a day after the doll above.

Base from Pyrate Rose. Last modified January 12, 2011.

The colors are dark, but the doll’s still cheerful overall. I made the main color palette with an online palette generator. The highlights were too bright, though, so I had to blur them. Also I added make up to this doll (the lips were too dark for my tastes, and the cheeks and eyelids were too light.) I took the eyeshadow color from the main palette and either blurred it or made the layer more transparent (can’t remember which). Same with the blush, except that I took the color from the lips and definitely know I blurred it.

I have another January doll to put up, but that best left for another post… 

AZ Dawn

Last Updated September 29, 2016


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