Posted by: arizonad | March 18, 2011

Lookie What Aunt Dawn Made

The doll in this post is for adoption only! Do not use in avatars, signatures, or layouts. Please read the rules on my content for more details. Thank you.

January was a rough month for me and my family; my nephews kept getting sick.  The worst case was when my eldest nephew had to go to the hospital for a suspected appendix issue. Fortunately (sort of), it was just a tummy bug. While he was there, I told myself I’d make a doll of him when he got out.

Base from Kawaii Hannah. Last modified January 27, 2011.

I was originally going to doll him as a Jedi (he was heavily into Star Wars at the time), but something didn’t go right, so I decided doll him pretending to be a Jedi. Unfortunately, the toy lightsaber looked awful, so I switched it to a popsicle. He likes popsicle, too, though I have no idea what flavor a lavender-colored popsicle would be.

He’s definitely better by now, and though he’s been ill a few times, he hasn’t been emergency-room serious since then.

AZ Dawn


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