Posted by: arizonad | April 5, 2011

Adopted Graphics Showcase: Xandorra’s Place

Disclaimer: None of the graphics in this post are mine; I adopted these from another site. Do not adopt these graphics from here, even if the original site is down!

At long last, here’s the Adopted Graphics Showcase!

Click Here to Go to Xandorra’s Place.

Xandorra was one of my first dolling influences. Her dolls and bases are great, she has lots of palettes and patterns, and some helpful tutorials.

All these dolls were made with Xandorra’s own bases.

This doll has an RPG feel to it. Pretty, yet butt-kicking!

This is the example doll for Xandorra’s Regency Dress tutorial. It’s a very nice tut, and the skirt part of it helped me out a lot. Sadly, there’s a lot of imitations out there, so I decided that when I was able to adopt dolls, I’d adopt the original.

Xandorra has lots of fairy dolls, and I wanted to adopt one. It was a tough choice, but I finally settled on this green girl.

As a little girl I used to wear a lot of gingham, so for nostalgia’s sake I had to adopt this doll!

The costume design’s what drew me in, but what got her adopted is the dark-on-dark color scheme. I don’t quite know why, since I generally prefer brighter or more contrasting schemes; maybe the doll’s just that good!

If you like this sampling of Xandorra’s, then please visit her site; there’s more great dolls and things there.

AZ Dawn



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