Posted by: arizonad | August 16, 2011

Bathing Beauty

  The heat has been brutal (and the AC deficient) and I’ve felt limp for most of the summer. Fortunately, there was a cooling trend near the end of July, so I managed to make a simple summery doll.

Base from Miniature Reality. Last modified July 29, 2011.

I was going to use the head variation with bunny ears (beach bunny, hee hee), but it looked too much like a certain other bunny from a magazine that won’t be named. The regular human head didn’t have ears or eyebrows so I had to add them. The lack of visible hair? The real reason is that it was giving me a hard time, so I slapped a swim cap on her. The in-character reason is she’s either got it tucked up under her cap or she’s bald. 😉

Hope you can all stay cool and hydrated!

AZ Dawn

Update, March 24, 2012: Failed to mention that this doll is an entry for last year’s Seasons contest at the Gathering. Sadly, it was the only entry.



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