Posted by: arizonad | June 6, 2012

Memories of the Gathering

The dolls in this post are for adoption only! Do not use in avatars, signatures, or layouts. The only exception is the second doll. Please read the rules on my content for more details. Thank you.

In memory of the Gathering, I’ve search my old CD-RWs, flash drives, etc. for old forum challenge entries. Most of these are very old and not very good, but I’ve put them here for historical and nostalgic purposes.

First up is from the first Dress Up Ball I entered. The theme: you in the future.

Base from Josie’s Dollz. Last modified October 17, 2004?

I was inspired by a sci-fi cliché that roughly states “Everyone on postapocalyptic Earth dresses like heavy metal musicians.”  Mind you, I’m a lot more optimistic about the world’s future than that.   It just sounded like a fun thing to try. In retrospect, I should’ve used a reference that looked more stereotypically metal than an 80s Motley Crue pic.

This next doll was for a Before and After challenge. I believe the Before doll was made long before I was a member of TG.

Base from Precious Pixels KH. Last modified December 26, 2004.

I’ve sure come a long way since both those dolls!  And yet, the After doll was an improvement. I’ve lost the original file for the Before doll; I’ll let you judge whether or not that’s a good thing.

This doll almost didn’t happen. The theme of this Dress Up Ball was absinthe, which at the time was reputed to be dangerous and definitely was illegal in the US. I was reluctant to enter an absinthe-themed contest, but someone pointed out it didn’t have to enter a pro-absinthe doll. And so the Green Reaper was born.

Base by Xandorra. Last modified February 27, 2005.

I originally planned to show me pouring a bottle of absinthe on the ground, but I couldn’t get the bottle, the stream, or the puddle right. Okay, so I couldn’t get the scythe right, either, but you can’t have a reaper costume without one.

This doll was an entry for a cowboy-themed Dress Up Ball. I felt semi-obliged to enter this one because, hey, I’m AZ Dawn, and hadn’t yet made a Western doll.

Base from Eleni Aranelwa. Last modified March 28, 2005.

Disclaimer: I don’t know how to play guitar, and while my singing voice isn’t bad, it’s not all that great, either.

This doll is especially noteworthy in that it’s one of my rare non-prep dolls that I made the face myself. The less said about the rest of the doll, the better.  A couple of months later, I went back and redid the folds on the jeans. It was an improvement, but not by much.

Base from Eleni Aranelwa. Last modified May 13, 2005.

This next doll was for a pirate-themed Dress Up Ball. Me as Red Dawn was my first pirate doll.

Base from Wayuki’s Place. Last modified July 31, 2006.

Not the fanciest outfit, but not everyone can be a captain. That and my poor frill-drawing skills kept it simple. It’s pretty good for an older doll, though that knife kind of stinks.

Of course, these aren’t the only challenges I entered at the Gathering. Here’s a list of posts with my other TG challenge dolls:

Warrior, Masquerade, and Red Carpet Dress Ups.

The Fragrance Challenge (3rd Place!)

Superhero Dress Up Ball.

Your Pet as a Human.

The One-Color Challenge.

The Black and Orange Challenge.

The Metallics Challenge.

Bad Hair Challenge.

The last one, sadly.

The Gathering still lingers sadly on until Xandorra’s contract with the hosting company ends, but the memories of its heyday are happy.

AZ Dawn



  1. You don’t know me, ha, ha, but I’m a hiatus’ed doller getting back into it and this reminded me of when Eden Enchanted closed all those years ago. That’s what got me out of dolling. XD I still mourn that forum. Must be the same for you with The Gathering. I just thought I’d say there’s always Glam! if you want a dolling forum, that’s the big one now.

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