Posted by: arizonad | August 27, 2013

It’s a Sweater!

Wow, I need to update more often.

For a change, here’s the fruit of one of my offline hobbies: loom knitting! Instead of using knitting needles or a crochet hook, loom knitting is done on a frame with pegs with a hook-like tool. It’s easier than regular knitting, but the results are much the same.

This is a dog sweater I whipped up about 3 years ago, after my broken leg had healed up.  Unfortunately, I was (and still am) between dogs, so I made it for a stuffed toy.


It was so cold, the Sonoran Sand Manatees bundled up! 


Side view.


Manatee moons you!

I know it doesn’t look like much, but at the time it was the most complex project I had done. I’m still fairly satisfied with it, though as you can see in the side, the pattern is better suited for creatures with round legs than flippers.

This dog sweater was made on the red Knifty Knitter loom using worsted weight acrylic yarn.

If you would like more information on loom knitting, The Loom Room gives a good overview of the subject.

AZ Dawn


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