Posted by: arizonad | October 18, 2013

Beware the Umbrella Monster!

He might make you wet yourself.

I got the urge a few months to doll some Japanese monsters. A great idea, if you can pull it off. I only managed to pull one off.

This is a karakasa-obake, the umbrella monster of the title. Basically, it’s a 100 year-old umbrella that came to life. Harmless, but a little scary-looking.


Base from Wayuki’s Place. Last modified September 2, 2013.

Yes, there’s a base under there. I used it to help keep the top half in proportion with the handle and erased the parts I didn’t need.

The hardest part was the face. The one that came with the base just didn’t work with this doll, so I had to make one from scratch. I tried to freehand it in GIMP and it stank. I ended up sketching the face with pencil and paper, scanning it, and tracing it.  (Yes, I can draw beyond a kindergarten level, but my drawings tend to be a bit stiff and I’m badly out of practice.)

Hopefully I’ll post more content soon, but until then, Happy Halloween. And always use the restroom before you enter a haunted house.

AZ Dawn


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