Generator Links

Random generators are fun. They can also jumpstart your creativity. Here’s some good generator sites to peruse. Go to the bathroom first, just in case. 😉

  • Seventh Sanctum – The king of generator sites! I especially recommend the art and humor sections. Warning: the results from some generators can be risqué.
  • Chris Pound’s Name Generation Page – Not the greatest, but the Feng Shui Character Names and Amazing Verbal Kung-Fu generators make it worth the visit.
  • Lee’s (Useless) Super-Hero Generator – Makes superheroes and supervillains. Mostly humorous, especially when you use the options.
  • Serendipity – Lots of great generators on various subjects.  Warning: the results from some generators are on the high side of T for Teens.
  • – This site has more than just generators, but the generators are what I like the best there. The pirate generator is my favorite.
  • The Universal Conspiracy – Pokes fun at all those half-baked conspiracy theories infesting the net. The results are as coherent and as logical as the majority of these theories. Warning: non-family friendly diseases might appear in the results.


  • Lari’s Random Generators – Last known URL: There’s only three on the site, but they’re pretty good, especially the Fantasy Dress Generator. Lost with the rest of Geocities.

Last edited May 16, 2010


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