Pixel and Doll Links

The regular pixel sites should be fine by your mama. Some of the doll sites, though, have basebodies for you to draw clothes on. Most have Barbie-doll nudity. Some may be a bit more detailed. Few have underwear. However, nudity is not the same thing as pornography, so these sites shouldn’t send you running to the confessional. 😉


  • Duckienya at Artican – Formerly Orange Crux. A very good base maker.
  • Josie’s Dollz – One of the greats and a big influence to me. Dolls, bases, tuts, palettes – wonderful stuff! Now that she’s back, you can see for yourself.
  • Les Poupées Numerique – Another slow updater. Good dolls and bases, though. I like her eye and metal palettes, too.
  • Precious Pixels KH – Severe cuteness alert! If you’re looking for big-eyed anime-type bases, this is the place. Check out her dolls, too. She’s truly worthy of her web name, Kawaii Hannah.
  • Sparkling Ice – A very nice site. Great dolls and bases. I use her palettes a lot.
  • Star’s Pixel Dust – A bit primitive, but still pretty good.
  • Xandorra’s bases – Still available at her PixiStar account.
  • Wayuki’s Place– Not many dolls, but what’s there is wonderful. Lots of bases, too, most of which are in a zip file.

 MISSING OR DEFUNCT SITES (Sorely missed, too)

PIXEL SITES (A few of the site above have pixel art as well as dolls [Apitchou, Guinevere’s Pixels, and Precious Pixels KH especially come to mind]. These are the links to those that aren’t listed above.)

  • Free Outlines for You – An outline site. It’s not a big collection, but what’s there is great.
  • Color Ramp Creator – Creates an 8-bit palette for pixel art.
  • Colour Me Pretty Line Art – Last known URL: http://www.dejavudollz.com/cmpl/. It had small outlines suitable for shading practice. Unfortunately, the domain expired and has been replaced with something in Chinese/Japanese text.

Last edited Edited September 29, 2016.



  1. I stumbled in here through google and I’m loving my visit. My haywired site disappeared without warning from haywired. . .but I have a mirror site that is out there. http://www.geocities.com/ublookin4me/ Hasn’t been updated in a while. . .but I thought I would let you know so you can update the link. Thanks for even having a link. . .never knew anyone even went to my site. . .LOL *goes back to wandering around your awesome site*

  2. Thanks, Sharona. I’ll update the link right away.

  3. The miniature reality site is gone, too. But good list 🙂

  4. Thanks, Stephanie. I double checked the Miniature Reality link; looks like it’s still there. It hasn’t updated since 2005, though, if that’s what you mean.

  5. i hate that most are blocked by meh school…..

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